#02: it’s all about the bodyflow;


I believe that a tattoo needs to be customized for the physique and personality of the person who wears it.

We can visually become that essence of our creative mind. I always adapt my design to flow with the body, creating movement within the composition.

Trash Geometric Tattoo exomorph
Trash Geometric Raven tattoo
Trash Geometric Tattoo exomorph

#03: a tool of transformation

I love cover up tattoos

The transformation helps change our physical appearance, to be more relatable to our “inner” selves.

Naturally our tastes changes as we progress in life, and so should our tattoos. I accept every request for coverup tattoos.
Interested to consult about a cover up? Use my contact form for a email consultation.

Trash Geometric Tattoo exomorph

#04: a form of expression ;

Geometric and Abstract Tattoos

The tattoos that I create are abstract, psychedelic, and are naturally organic.

That means that the texture and elements will flow with your body – complimenting every curve, twist, bevel and joint on the path.

Check out my Information page to learn more about my approach.


#05: an Exclusive experience;

tattoo studio in Berlin

If you are searching for a geometric tattoo artist in Berlin for mandalas and patterns – or if you prefer abstract tattoos like – grunge texture, ink splats and brush strokes. I work at a private tattoo studio in Berlin with a comfy ambience. This exclusive experience, creates an environment  – where you are the focus of attention.

I call the style “Trash Geometric”-  A fusion of abstract & geometric elements with a ‘Organic‘ twist to it…

“I tattoo out of pure love for the craft…”

every art is a form of expression; and for me, body art is the pinnacle of self-expression.