I am a multi-medium artist with a background in digital and traditional art forms. I have been tattooing obsessively since 2017,
My ideology as a tattoo artist, is to change the appearance of an individual, so that it will reflect and represent their inner world.

This is the reason behind the name eXo.morph (ecto-morph) , which means roughly “external change” or “to change the outside”.

I accomplish this with my personal artistic vision, which combines abstract and geometric elements. The elements are adapted to the body structure in an organic manner to complement its natural form.

In my early phases of tattooing I was deeply inspired by the work of Little Swastika (Mark) from psyland25, Kenji Alucky and Lux Altera (Marcus Lenhard).
Up to this date, I have had the privilege to be tattooed by 2 out of the 3 mentioned above. This also gave me the option to interact with the personas behind the art. Naturally, I have withdrawn from each experience elements which I implement in my personal journey of tattooing.

Most of the year I reside in Berlin, Germany. When I am not in Berlin you can find me working in different tattoo studios. View my Calendar to see when my next planned “guest spot” is.
If you would like to get a new tattoo from me, you can schedule an appointment within my contact page. I recommend you read the information and FAQ section before sending me a message, most of your questions can be answered there.