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How to prepare yourself for a long tattoo session

After reading this article you will have learned some methods to prepare yourself for a tattoo session. With the information below you will feel the pain of getting tattooed less, the time will go by faster and also the healing process of your tattoo will be improved. Getting tattooed does hurt! there is no way...

50% Clearance Sale on all Posters 2020

Till the last item sells, I am offering 50% discount on all posters from the 2020 edition.You can find the items on my online shop. -50% Posters Ivory Circle €30,00 €15,00 Add to cart -50% Posters Hover Poster €30,00 €15,00 Add to cart

Working at a new Studio – House of Rituals

Finally me and Tippy are starting to settle down in our new studio, I am really happy to see how friendly the new team is! The new address is Jungstraße 19, 10247 Berlin. @houseofritualstattoo At the studio they have a resident piercer and scarification artist for your bodymod needs @edermod check out their FB and Instagram page to get...