Frequently Asked Questions

I prefer that we be alone, but I understand situations which demand another friend to be with you.
In any case, please notify me if you have such a requirement.  

The majority of projects I make are in the Abstract, Geometric or Blackwork style.

I also accept custom requests for designs or drawings.

For more information about the subject, please read my Tattoo Design Process  and then send me a email with your idea.

First please read the information page on my website. You will be able to learn in detail about the process. 
After that, you can contact me online with a short description of your idea.

You can learn about the price per session on the Information page. The overall cost will vary and is depending on the level of detail / area on body / style / color.
I can give you a rough estimation how many sessions we will need when we know what is the design.

I  request from everyone a deposit (of maximum 100EU) in order to reserve an appointment. 
This can be transferred via: Cash / PayPal / Bank Deposit


Sure, message me via email, state that you will be traveling and we will work it out from there....

I use 3 different brands of Inks. You can research them online to learn more about each products.
The inks that I use are the most popular worldwide among Professional tattoo artists. They are all FDA Approved and comply to the EU regulations.

Eternal Ink
Fusion Ink
Silverback Ink

No, in most cases I tattoo very gently.
With that said the resilience of your body to pain is also a factor. Be sure to get a good nights rest and eat before the day of the session. A tired body will experience more pain then a fresh body.

With a few tricks, you can reduce the feeling of discomfort that comes with tattooing.
Here is a article to read that can help you prepare for a tattoo session.