Rather referring to the human body as a canvas, I prefer to observe it is a 3D object – “which moves in time and space.” My personal approach to tattooing is holistic. I tend to consider, the body form, personality and social environment of my customer, while in the process of creation.
For me, every tattoo I make is personalized.

//A Modern approach to an Ancient craft

This personal customization to the body structure is an important factor to create a synergy between the art and the physical attributes. With every tattoo that I make I first examine the body structure to identify the key features of the physique. With these key features, I define the body flow, adapting the chosen elements in relation. This is why all of my tattoos are “Organic”, hence, they work with the body structure and not against it. (In comparison with Traditional / Oldschool Tattoos)

The result of my approach, is a unique, personalized piece of art which has been customized to fit your body structure.

//I love doing coverup tattoos;

I am a strong believer of spiritual growth, and I recognize with that the importance of coverup tattoos. I also, grew out of my old tattoos, feeling a sense of disconnection to the art I once wanted on my body. With our personal development in life, comes the desire for change. This is the main factor for me pursuing the coverup tattoo genre. Around 70% of my customers have an old tattoo that they want covered up.
I accept every coverup project, no matter how difficult it might seem, we will find a solution that will suit the new you.

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