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Important to read this before we start a project

I believe that the human body is not a canvas, it is a 3D object that moves in time and space. On this page I will let you in on my unique approach of tattooing. An approach that takes in thought, the body, personality and social environment of my customer.
The tattoos that I make are mostly very abstract and are always organic. That means that the texture / graphics that I will use to enhance your apparel will flow seamlessly on your body, complimenting every curve, twist, bevel and joint on the path.
I will not start a large project (more than 4 sessions) without a chance to finish it. I will ask for a deposit payment which is not refundable and will be redeemed on the last session before we start the first session.

I will be honest and upfront about the way I work. You can ask me anything you want, I want you to feel comfortable with me, in most cases we will be spending quite a bit of time together and I want to create a relaxed and trustworthy atmosphere. I expect you to do the same. Honesty and Direct communication are one of the keys for a successful project.

I do not make shortcuts that would harm the lifespan and quality of my work.
If your project will take much longer then my initial estimation, I will strive to find a fair solution for both sides.

The quality of my projects can not be achieved in a single session. This kind of work needs to be done in layers, the first sessions are devoted to creating segmentations and capturing the foundation elements. In these early stages the tattoo will look like “chicken scratches”, visually it will not look nice. Please understand that this is an inseparable part of the process that can not be avoided and in the following sessions the aesthetics will dramatically improve. To read more about my approach please use the useful links section on this page.

Useful Links

Here you can find all the information you need, take your time to read it. It will help you to be assured if getting a tattoo by me is a right decision for you.

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