Travel Calendar

On the following page you can view my travel calendar. This is to help you get a glimpse of my current travel plans in order to assist with finding a date and city which would be the best for you to get tattooed. Like with everything in life, plans can change – the dates and locations might change in according to my schedule. Please use the information below as an assumption rather then a fact.

// Do you want me to come to your city to tattoo you? Please let me know that via my “Travel Queue Form”

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With this form, I can collect information from customers and combine them to my future plans. When I have collected a minimum of 3 customers in your city, I will inform you via email.

Date Region Location
June 22′ EUROPE Tel Aviv, Israel | Berlin, Germany
July 22′ EUROPE Munster, Germany | Berlin Germany | Prague, Czech | Vienna, Austria
August 22′ EUROPE Oslo, Norway
September 22′ EUROPE
October 22′ EUROPE
November 22′ EUROPE
December 22′ EUROPE  Berlin, Germany |
January 23′ S. AMERICA
February 23′ S. AMERICA
March 23′ S. AMERICA
April 23′ S. AMERICA