Custom Tattoo Design

It is common that I have requests from customers to create a tattoo design, with my style based on their vision. On this page you will find all the information regarding a tattoo design process. It is important for me that you understand prior to the payment what are the specifications and boundaries of the design process. Please read with care:

The final image that we will select is a “digital concept” and not a 1:1 design.

It is very common that I modify the final layout of projects “on the spot” on the day of our session, in order to compliment body flows and existing tattoos.

The stages of the custom design process are:

  1. Project Outline – In this part the customer defines what is their initial vision. The information that is relevant is: Location, Size, Style, & Unique Requirements.
  2. Outline Recap – I write down a short summary of everything that we talked about in the Outline and send it to the customer.
  3. Payment – The customer transfers 120€ (Non-Refundable)

Virtual Preview – With the information gathered I design a concept that I feel is the best thing I can create (In according to the project outline)