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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a collection of questions which I have been often asked. If you still did not find the answer to your question, you are welcomed to get in touch and ask me with the contact page.

I want to get a tattoo from you, what should I do now?2022-07-05T16:25:56+00:00

If you are positive about getting a tattoo from me, you can send me a contact request via my website and I will get in touch with you.

I love your art style, can you design for me a custom tattoo?2024-05-05T21:52:07+00:00

Yes, I can.
Sometimes, I have requests from customers to create a tattoo design, with my style – based on their vision.
If you would like to acquire such a service, please contact me to learn more about the process.

What kind of Inks do you use? Are they vegan?2022-07-05T16:26:07+00:00

In general, I use the brands “Eternal, Fusion, Silverback and Panthera”. Most of the inks I use are vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.

I also do not tattoo with Vaseline (crude oil), rather I use Hustle Butter which is a 100% natural product – not tested on Animals which is healthier for the skin.

Can I bring my friend / partner with me to the session?2022-07-05T12:56:44+00:00

I prefer to have a 1 on 1 interaction with all of my customers. With that said I understand sometimes the requirement to have a friend with you on the day of the tattoo. This is an option but please inform me before so, not always the studio that I work at can facilitate additional people.

What forms of payment do you accept?2022-07-05T16:27:03+00:00

I accept only cash as a form of payment for the session.
Also, The appointment deposit can be settled via bank transfer or cash.

Unfortunately, credit card or PayPal payment is not available.

Can I use numbing cream?2022-07-04T16:37:56+00:00

In general it is not recommended to use numbing cream. with that said, if you really want to, I do not mind.
Please inform me before the session that you want to use numbing cream and I will instruct you exactly how to so it will not interfere with our progress.